One Of The Leading Entrepreneurs Of The Age

Decades ago, when an investment broker named Joseph Cory founded his own stock trading firm, one of his first employees was a particularly talented grandson. This young man, then age 13, gained a wealth of professional experience far more valuable than classroom education could ever have provided. This would prove to be the grounding of a remarkably successful career in the business world.

To learn about Jim Tsokanos is to read the story of a man who has helped to redefine every business he involved himself in. From advising governments regarding major economic policy decisions to transforming the operations of Fortune 500 corporations, Jim Tsokanos has acted as a leader in multiple fields. Having received practical training in the firm of Joseph Cory Holdings, Tsokanos would wed that hands-on experience with a formal college education, earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. That training would prove essential to his ability to design business strategy and public outreach to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

During this period of profound and widespread economic transition, Jim Tsokanos has helped every enterprise consulting with him to successfully adapt to these shifts. Tsokanos was responsible for the successful restructuring and recapitalization of a healthcare network worth $200 million into a leading regional medical services partnership. His program started with the refinancing of a $100 million corporate debt to free up capital and credit. Up until Tsokanos’ involvement, Coordinated Health was a fee-for-service network of hospitals and clinics. This model was changed for one based upon the concept of a care/value based service provider. Four new medical campuses were constructed to add to the network of Coordinated Health facilities serving patients in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey. Within two years, Coordinated Health would become noteworthy for a national 5-star rating in terms of quality healthcare service, and receive numerous awards from Consumer Reports for improvement of patient experience.

More recently, Jim Tsokanos founded Nu Nexus, a major business consultancy firm based in New York City. Currently serving as CEO, Tsokanos manages Nu Nexus through three areas of business concern: The first is the integrated networking of experts, technologists, marketing strategists and data researchers. The usage and innovation of new technologies, processes and platforms for industry is the second. The third is facilitating fast access to capital for small and mid-sized companies to grow their businesses.